Forms: How do I email a Form request to a Customer?

Emailing a Form Request to a Customer allows you to send an email prompting the Customer to complete and submit a Form online

To email a Form Request to a Customer, tap the Customers Icon and locate the Customer in your Customer List

Tap directly on the Customers' name, and scroll down to the FORMS section

A list of previously added Forms will appear in the FORMS section, tap on an existing form

If the Customer has never completed a form, tap No forms yet...

Tap the '+' icon, then tap Request Form

Select the Form you wish to request from the Form field

Please note: You need to have created your Forms first, see How do I create a new Form?

Select Prefill if this Customer has previously completed this Form, and you would like the new Form to be prefilled with the previous responses

Tap Request

The Requested Form will show in the Customer's Profile with an orange Requested tag:

The Customer will receive an email, asking them to complete this Form online

When the Customer clicks Fill out now, they are directed to complete the Form via your mini-site

Once your Customer has completed the Form and clicked Submit, you will receive an alert

The completed Form will be displayed within the Customer Profile

You can re-send a Request by tapping the Action icon, then tap Request Update

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