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How do I re-open a locked form?

If a customer has completed a Form with the 'Secure - locked after submission' setting, this Form appears on the Customer file with a Locked tag.

For privacy reasons, if there is a need to update the details within a Locked Form, it is possible to Re-open this Form. However, once a form is unlocked, it is not possible to lock it again.

To re-open a locked Form, open the Customer file by tapping Customers and locating the Customer in your Customer List

Tap directly on the Customer name, and scroll down to the Forms section and select the relevant Form

If the Form has been locked, it will present with a red Locked tag

Tap on the Action Icon, then tap Re-open

The Form will now appear with a Re-opened tag:

It is now possible to edit the Form, or request that the Customer update the Form, by tapping the Actions icon again