Hardware: How do I connect my iZettle card reader?

The iZettle card reader integration is compatible with iOS only, and therefore the connection needs to be carried out on the iPhone or iPad. 

  1. Pair your iZettle card reader with your device
  2. Connect your iZettle card reader with Ovatu

Pair your iZettle card reader with your iPhone or iPad

There are multiple types of iZettle card readers. To pair your iZettle card reader with your device, follow the instructions on the iZettle website.

Connect your iZettle card reader with Ovatu

To connect your iZettle card reader, tap the Manage tab, scroll to the Point of Sale section and tap on Card Processing:

Then tap Show (this displays iZettle as a payment option at point of Sale), then tap Settings (this will connect with your iZettle account), and follow the prompts to log into your iZettle account:

iZettle will now appear for you as a payment method at the point of Sale, and payment made via this method will go to your iZettle account:

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