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Availability is not showing correctly on my mini-site

Availability not showing for online bookings can be caused by one or more of the following:

1. Your Employee not being rostered on correctly

At least 1 Employee who is enabled for the Services selected in the booking must be rostered on to show availability

 See How do I set/modify the Normal Hours Roster? and How do I modify specific dates on the Roster? to view the hours that have been set for your Employees

2. Your Employee not being enabled for online bookings 

At least 1 Employee enabled for the services selected in the booking must be enabled for online bookings

To see if your Employee is enabled for online booking, from the Manage screen tap Employees and tap on the relevant employee name

If the Internet slider is green, online bookings have been enabled for that Employee

See How do I edit Employee details? to enable / disable online booking for an Employee

3. Your Employee already being booked out with reservations or breaks

Availability will only show if there is space for the full Service duration on the Bookings page. Check your Bookings page for existing bookings and breaks.

4. The Service attempting to be booked being disabled for online bookings

If the Service is not enabled for online booking it will not show online

To see if the Service is enabled for online bookings, from the Manage page tap Services and tap on the relevant Service in the list

If the Internet slider is green, online booking has been enabled for that Service

See How do I edit, delete or re-order a Service? to enable / disable online booking for a Service

5. The Service attempting to be booked having a Resource linked, that's not available

Any Resources linked to Services attempting to be booked must be available for availability to show 

Check your Bookings page to view Resource availability for the duration of the Reservation attempting to be booked

Also see How do I link a Resource / Resource Type to a Service? for information on how to add a Resource to and remove a Resource from a Service (via the web app only)

6. The booking time is within the Booking Threshold

The Booking Threshold is the amount of hours before which the first appointment is offered. If the time attempting to be booked is within the Booking Threshold setting in your account no availability will show. 

The Booking Threshold can be set via the Booking Threshold field in your Online Booking > Settings page. See How do I customise my Online Booking settings? for more information. (see the web app version of this guide)

To access your account in the web app and all related functions via your iOS device please tap on Manage > Open Web app

See How do I access the Ovatu Web app through my mobile device?

7. The booking time is outside the Booking Future Limit

The Booking Future Limit determines how far into the future appointments are offered. If the time attempting to be booked is outside the Booking Future Limit no availability will show.

The Booking Future Limit is set in the Online Booking > Settings page in your web app

See How do I customise my Online Booking settings? for more information

Access the web app via your iOS device as above

If checking all of the above doesn't resolve this for you, please contact the Customer Success Team via email at and let us know which Service / Employee / Customer you are having trouble finding availability for.