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How do I connect Online Booking with my Facebook business page?

There are two ways to connect Online Booking to your business Facebook page:

  1. Integrate Ovatu directly into your Facebook page
  2. Create a 'Call to Action' button on your Facebook page and link it to your Ovatu mini-site

Please note, the Online Booking Tab needs to be enabled before it can be integrated with Facebook. See How do I Customise my Online Booking tabs?

Facebook has implemented a policy that means only pages with 2,000 or more likes can create custom page tabs such as the Ovatu Online Booking Facebook integration. You can learn more about this Facebook restriction here

If you have 2,000 or more likes on your Facebook page you can integrate Ovatu directly into your business Facebook page using the first connection method. If you have less than 2,000 likes please use the second connection method below to create a call to action button that directs people to your mini-site.


This method only works if you have at least 2,000 page likes

Choose Integration > Apps

Locate the Facebook tile:

Click Connect 

Click Continue as ...

Click OK

Click OK

A list of your Facebook pages will appear

Click on the page that you would like to connect to Ovatu

Locate the Facebook tile again

Click the Actions button and select Add to my Page

Your Online Booking is now connected to you Facebook business page

Book Now! button will appear in the left hand menu of your Facebook page

Clicking Book Now! will open Ovatu Online Booking within your Facebook page

To disconnect your Online Booking from you Facebook page, return to the Facebook tile

Click the Actions button and click Remove from my Page


This integration method will work on all Facebook business pages. To create a 'Call to Action' button on your Facebook page, visit your Facebook page and locate the 'Call to Action' button, which by default will be set to 'Send Message'

Hover your mouse over this button, until the drop down menu appears, then choose Edit Button

Click Other Options 

Click Book Services 

Click Book Now

Enter the URL of your mini-site

The URL for the new mini-site if enabled (see How do I enable the Mini-Site and Booking Bot?), is on the Online Booking > page

The URL for the original Ovatu mini-site can be located on the Online Booking > Widgets page

Click Save Changes 

The Send Message button will now be a 'Book Now' button. Clicking this button will open your Ovatu mini-site