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How do I customise my Online Booking profile?

To customise your Online Booking profile, choose Online Booking > Profile

There are many options to personalise your profile here

Complete the required fields in each section, then click Save 


This section changes the colour of the navigation bar and text on the emails sent from your account

Navigation Bar ColourUse the colour picker to select a colour for the email navigation bar
Navigation Bar Text ColourUse the colour picker to select the colour of the text within the email navigation bar


This is your contact information that will appear on your mini-site (if you enable it) and your in your emails, when the Email Master Template is set to 'Ovatu' on the Notifications > Email Settings page. See How do I customise my email settings?

Contact Tab EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the Contact Tab
Contact Tab NameEnter the label for the Contact Tab, e.g. 'Contact Us'
Contact Tab Contact NameEnter your contact name
Contact Tab Contact BusinessEnter your contact business name
Contact Tab Contact EmailEnter your contact email address
Contact Tab Contact PhoneEnter your contact phone number
Contact Tab Contact WebsiteEnter your contact website
Contact Tab Address StreetEnter your contact street address
Contact Tab Address CityEnter your contact city
Contact Tab Address PostcodeEnter your contact postcode
Contact Tab Address RegionEnter your contact region
Contact Tab Address CountryEnter your contact country
Contact Tab Address Show MapSelect this checkbox to show your contact location on a map

Once you have entered your address details, press the Find on map button. This will attempt to locate the address on the map. If the pointer is not in the exact location of your business, drag the pointer to the correct location.

PLEASE NOTE: Changing a business address must be done both here AND via your Account Settings page, see How do I customise my account settings?


Gallery Tab EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the Gallery Tab
Enabling the Gallery Tab creates a separate Tab on your mini-site, containing all the images added into your Account Settings (How do I customise my account settings?). The maximum images in the Gallery is 5
Gallery Tab NameEnter the label for the Gallery Tab, e.g. 'Gallery'


Review Tab EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the Review Tab
Review Tab NameEnter the label for the Review Tab, e.g. 'Reviews'
Review Tab Show ServiceSelect this checkbox to show the details of the service in the review listing


User Tab EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the User Tab
User Tab NameEnter the label for the User Tab, e.g. 'Login'


The site notice is a box of text which appears on all pages of your mini-site, Facebook tab and widgets.

Notice EnabledSelect this checkbox to Enable a Site Notice
Notice ContentEnter the content of the Site Notice


Contact Tab Hours EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable the Business Hours Tab
Contact Tab HoursEnter the business hours for each day of the week


Facebook Page IDEnter your Facebook page ID
(This can be found using the following website: https://findmyfbid.com)
Twitter UsernameEnter your Twitter username
Google+ Page IDEnter your Google+ page ID
Pintrest UsernameEnter your Pintrest Username
Instagram UsernameEnter your Instagram Username