Online Booking: How do I minimise gaps for online Bookings?

You can reduce unwanted gaps and manage times between appointments created online. These settings can be applied to all Employees and can also be customised for each Employee.

To customise these settings system wide (for all Employees) go to the Online Booking > Settings page and scroll to the Minimise Gaps! section:

EnabledSelect this checkbox to turn the Minimise Gaps feature on for all Employees with the below settings
Show first available appointmentSelect this checkbox to show the first available time. This will either be the start of the day, or immediately after any bookings/breaks already set at the start of the day.
Show last available appointmentSelect this checkbox to show the last available time. This will be either the end of the day, or immediately before any bookings/breaks already set at the end of the day.
Show availability before and after appointments / breaksSelect this checkbox to show availability immediately before and after all existing breaks and bookings
Show availability leaving minimum gaps time (minutes)Minimum gap times can be applied so long as this doesn't conflict with any of the above settings. To set a minimum gap time between bookings made online, enter the minimum number of minutes the gap should be before or after any existing break and appointment.
ie enter 60 to allow the smallest gap left before or after any appointment or break to be 60 minutes
Show all availability for empty daySelect this checkbox to display all availability if the employee doesn't have any appointments on the selected date.
ie if the day is empty, all available time slots will display, once one appointment is created, further availability will display as per above settings.

Click Save once you've completed your selections.

To override these system wide settings and apply customised settings for a specific Employee, go to the Manage > Employees > List page and click on the Edit button for the Employee. In the Edit Employee window select the Minimise Gaps tab. Select the Override system settings checkbox:

Once this option is selected, you will see Minimise Gaps options for this particular Employee.

These options are the same as the system wide settings (explained above), but any changes made here will override the system wide settings.

Click Save once you've completed your selections.

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