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How do I use the Waitlist?

The Waitlist is a list that customers can add themselves to, if their preferred appointment time is not available.


To enable the waitlist, please click Online Booking > Settings, then select the Allow Waitlist checkbox.

Select a Waitlist Mode. This relates to what happens when a waitlisted time slot becomes 'Available':

NoneNothing happens. Status changes to 'Available', but no notifications are sent to the business or the customer.
Manually Notify Customers (internal notification)Status changes to 'Available'. An internal alert will notify the business. An option will appear to manually notify the customer.

Automatically Notify CustomersStatus changes to 'Available'. The customer will automatically be notified via email with the option to book the appointment.

Examples of how these notifications appear are available at the bottom of this help guide.


Customers can either add themselves to the waitlist via online booking by clicking the Add to Waitlist button on the mini-site, after searching appointment availability: 

The customer is able to select suitable dates and times:


You can also add customers to the waitlist internally via the 'New Reservation' process [How do I create a new Reservation?]

Click Waitlist when you reach the Availability screen (this button will display even if there is plenty of availability):

Complete the required fields:

Start DateEnter the start of the date range of the customer availability
End Date Enter the end of the date range of the customer availability
Send EmailSelect this checkbox to send the customer an email notifying them that they have been added to the waitlist
DaySelect checkbox against the day/s of customer availability Enter a Start Time of the customer availability Enter an End Time of customer availability


If you have customers on the waitlist, a Waitlist button will appear on your 'Bookings' screen

The Waitlist will also appear on your Dashboard, underneath Today's Roster:

Click the Waitlist button to open the Waitlist 

The Waiting List screen will appear:

To delete a customer off the waitlist, click the [x] 

To change the order of the waitlist, use the Re-order, button to drag and drop 

If there is no availability for the customers' required time, the status will appear as Waiting 


Your Waitlist Mode (explained above), specifies who is alerted when a waitlisted time becomes available.

If there is availability for the customers' required time, the status will appear as Available 

To notify a customer that their waitlisted time has become available, click  

(This happens automatically when using the Automatically Notify Customers Mode) 

When there is availability, you can click the Availability icon against the relevant entry, to view the availability list 

Click Select against the required time slot

Then click Confirm to confirm the Reservation

At this point, you can also click the Notify Customer button to send the customer an email letting them know that their waitlisted time has become available.

A customer who has been alerted about their waitlisted time becoming available, can book themselves in for that time online:

Internal notification:

Customer notification: