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Example Pass Type: 60 tanning minutes, 30 days

This is an example of a Pass Type with the following settings:

  • Valid for 60 Tanning Minutes
  • Can be used for: 10 Minute Tan and 20 Minute Tan
  • 10 Minute Tan takes 10 Pass uses, 20 Minute Tan take 20 Pass uses
  • Costs $60
  • When using this Pass, each Tanning Minute costs $1, ie 10 Tanning minute cost $10, 20 cost $20
  • Expires after 1 month (30 days)
  • Limited to 60 uses
  • Customer is sent a reminder when 5 days are remaining
  • Cannot be purchased online
  • Pass usage is taken upon Reservation
  • When the Reservation is cancelled, the usage is returned to the Pass
  • When the Reservation is deleted, the usage is returned to the Pass
  • As the Allow Internet checkbox is not selected, any number entered in this field is ignored.