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How do I sell a Pass? (Sale View)

A Pass can be sold to a Customer in 2 ways:

You must first have created the Pass Type, see How do I create a Pass Type?

To sell a Pass by adding it to a Sale, either create a new Sale or edit a Sale

Passes are added to Sales in the 'Products' section

To add a Pass to the Sale, 


Click the down arrow next to + Add Product and choose Pass


Click +Add Product  and choose Pass from the third box

If the Customer has an unpaid Pass on file, this will appear in here


Click Select  to add an existing Pass to the Sale


Click + Create Pass 

Choose a Pass from the Pass Type field

You can also change the Customer to whom this Pass will be assigned by modifying the Customer field

Click Save

Proceed processing the remainder of the Sale [see How do I add a Payment to a Sale?]