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Bookings screen overview

The Bookings screen contains all of your Reservations

The Bell icon displays your alerts/notifications

Use the Arrows and Calendar icons to change dates

The Action icon allows you to print or email your day overview

Use the Schedule/Timetable toggle to change between day, week and timetable views 
Click on a Reservation to open it (to view or modify)

The Inbox icon displays a list of the days bookings, unconfirmed reservations and recent reservations. The number in brackets refers to the number of unconfirmed reservations

Use the New Reservation icon to create new Reservations

The Red line shows the current time

The Total (number of) Reservations and the Total (Reservation) Revenue for that day can be viewed in the top-right hand corner of the booking screen. 

Please note: You can remove the Total Reservation & Total Revenue figures by:

  1. closing your Ovatu app
  2. on your iOS device, opening the Settings app and tapping on Ovatu
  3. scrolling down to Show Daily Totals and tapping the slider to deselect 

You can also remove this information from your employees app by disabling the Allow Reporting and Allow Team Reporting Permissions settings for the Employee. See How do I set Employee permissions?

The Tap for Weekly View button underneath the employee name, displays the weekly view for that employee

Syncing: In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you can view a countdown until the next automatic sync with our Servers. Force the sync by tapping directly on the timer 

PLEASE NOTE: this is only available on the iPad. It is also important to note that syncing is paused when you are on the Manage screen of the app

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