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How do I create a new Reservation?

New Reservations are created on the Bookings screen

You can create a Reservation by either:

1. Tapping on New Reservation and selecting Service or Class

2. Tapping directly on the time in the Bookings screen, where you would like to add the Reservation

Search existing Customer List by typing the customer's name into the search bar OR enter details of a New Customer in the pop-up box and tap Save

Select the Service from the Recent Reservations list of an existing customer OR scroll down for a full list of Service options

Tap Employee: Any if you want to specify which Employee carries out the service. Select the required Employee from the list presented

Tap Continue

Select date/time from the list of availability

It is possible to manually override the available time slots by using the Enter Manually option. Please note: this option disregards system-calculated availability and allows double-booking

The following Confirmation pop-up box will appear:

From here you can add notes, select whether the customer receives an email confirmation of their booking (this is enabled by default), and select the reservation Request Type

Request TypeSelect from the following options:  
None - No selection 
Existing Request - 
This an existing Customer has specifically requested this Employee 
New Any - 
This is a new Customer who has not requested a specific Employee 
New Request - 
This is a new Customer has specifically requested this Employee 
Existing Any 
- This is an existing Customer who has not requested a specific Employee
PriceIt is possible to override the Service price here
NotesAdd any required notes here
Send New EmailSelect this checkbox to send the Customer a Reservation Confirmation email 

Review the reservation and tap Confirm. The Reservation will appear on the Bookings screen

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