Reservations: How do I create a (Timetable) Class Reservation?

To create a Class Reservation on the Timetable, go to the Bookings screen and tap Timetable from the Schedule/Timetable toggle

Please note: you must first have created a Group Service (see What is Group Service?)

You can create a Timetabled Class Reservation by either:

1. Tapping on New Reservation

2. Tapping directly on the time in the Bookings screen, where you would like to add the Reservation

Use the Search bar or tap directly on the Service in the list to select & schedule your class on the Timetable

Tap Employee to select a specific Employee from the list OR select Any for any employee

The Duration, Processing and Finishing times can be edited if required by tapping on each individually and using the scrolling timer.

Tap Continue

Select the day of the week and time for your timetabled class reservation.

Please note: the system does not check for double bookings while creating timetabled reservations

The Confirmation pop-up will appear:

If required:

  • Tap on the Price to override the price
  • Tap on Notes to add or edit notes
  • Tap Max Customers to override the maximum number of customers able to book in
  • Select Request Type from the options available

Tap Confirm

The Class will now appear on your Timetable

To book a customer into a Class Reservation, see How do I book Customers into a Class Reservation?

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