Reservations: How do I create a Zoom Reservation and start the meeting?

To Create Zoom Reservations please first connect your Zoom account with Ovatu. See How do I connect Ovatu with my Zoom account?

When creating a Reservation (manually, via the Web App), you will see a Zoom button on the Reservation

To set a meeting to take place on Zoom click on this, then click Create a Zoom Meeting:

This will generate a Zoom Meeting ID for this reservation, as well as a Zoom Join URL and a Zoom Password (if enabled):

The process for creating a Zoom meeting is the same for a Class Reservation also:

To Start a Zoom meeting open the Reservation, click on the Zoom button and select Start Zoom Meeting:

Zoom will then open on your device and you can conduct your meeting.

Your customers can click on any of the 'Join Meeting' buttons that appear in emails to them or in the logged in part of your mini site (see below)

Zoom information your Customers see:

Your customer/s booked into a Reservation with a Zoom meeting, will receive their Meeting IDPassword and Join URL via the Reservation Reminder Email:

Customers will also be able to access their Meeting IDPassword and Join URL via the customer login section on your mini-site:

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