Reservations: How do I edit a (timetable) Class Reservation?

To edit a (timetable) Class Reservation, locate the Reservation on the Bookings screen (selecting the Timetable) option, and click on it to open it. 

From this screen, you can:

Change the allocated Resource

Use the drop down menu to change the Resource, if applicable

Cancel this Reservation

Click Cancel and select if you would like to cancel Just this reservation or All future reservations:

Move this Reservation

Click Move to change the Employee, Start Time or Duration/Processing/Finishing times:

Manage AttendeesClick Attendees to manage attendees in this Reservation.
See: How do I manage Customers in a Class Reservation?
Send an email/SMS to attendees

Click Email to send an email or SMS to all attendees, select an option from the drop down menu:

Change the StatusYou can change the status of the Reservation here
See: How do I add a Status Type to a Reservation?

Change the PriceYou can change the price of the Reservation here
Add NotesAdd any notes relating to this Reservation here
Change max customersYou can change the maximum number of customers permitted here
Enable/disable online bookingUse this checkbox to select/deselect if customers can book themselves into this Class Reservation online
View the history of this reservation

Click History to view changes made to this Reservation

When saving your changes, you have the option to save them for Just this reservation or All future reservations

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