Reservations: How do I manage Customers in a Class Reservation?

To manage Customers in a Class Reservation, find the Reservation on the Bookings screen and tap it

Scroll down to Customer attendees and tap on the arrow

You  will see a list of the Customers already booked into this Group Reservation

Taping Actions at the top of the pop up, is a shortcut to common actions performed. Tap on the action (Check-in, Mark as Paid, or Email Sale), and then tap on the Customer for whom you wish to perform that action.

Taping on a Customer's name to edit their detail, and perform various Actions:

Cancel ReservationTap on Cancel Reservation to remove the Customer from the attendees list
Customer Check-inTap on Customer Check-in  to check the customer in to the Class. A Check in pop-up will appear. Select from the options: Please note: Use Pass(es) will only be an option if that Customer has purchased a relevant valid Pass. Selecting Use Pass(es) will remove one usage from that Customers' Pass. ( See Passes Help Guide)
Didn't show Tap Didn't show to mark the Customer with a No-show tag. The NO-show tag can be removed by tapping (x)
Send EmailTap on Send Email to send various notification emails to the customer
Delete ReservationTap Delete Reservation to delete the reservation from the schedule completely
Create SaleTap Create Sale to create a sale for this customer

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