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How do I move a Reservation?

Reservation can be moved in two ways:

1. By opening the Reservation

2. By dragging and dropping the Reservation

By opening the Reservation:

From the Booking screen, tap on the Reservation to open it and tap Move:

On this page, you're also able to:

  • change the Employee
  • select a different Service
  • add an additional Service

To move the Reservation, tap CONTINUE to select a new time from the list of availability, or select a new date entirely by tapping the calendar arrows < > or the Calendar icon at the top of the Move Reservation box

Tapping Enter Manually allows you to override the system-offered availability and select your own date and time. Please note: this option disregards system calculated availability and allows double-booking

Review your moved Reservation in the Move Reservation confirmation box and and tap CONFIRM

By dragging and dropping the Reservation:

Locate the existing Reservation on your Booking screen. Tap on the Reservation and hold, drag the Reservation to its new location

Review the moved Reservation and tap on CONFIRM

If moving a recurring Reservation, you will be prompted to select if you would like to move just this Reservation, or all future Reservations. Future reservations can only be moved to the same day of the week. Please note that the system doesn't check availability or warn of double bookings when moving future recurring reservations