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How do I move a Reservation?

A Reservation can be moved in two ways:

1. By opening the Reservation

2. By dragging and dropping the Reservation

By Opening the Reservation:

From the Booking screen, tap on the Reservation to open it and tap Move Reservation

It is possible to make changes to the Reservation here by changing the Employee, selecting an entirely different Service, or adding an additional Service

You can  select a new time from the list of availability, or select an entirely new date by scrolling through the calendar at the top of the pop-up box

Review your moved Reservation and tap Confirm

If moving a recurring Reservation, you will be prompted to select if you would like to move just this Reservation, or all future Reservations. Future reservations can only be moved to a different time on the same day, the dates cannot be changed. Please note that the system does not check availability or warn of double bookings when moving future reservations.

By Dragging and Dropping the Reservation:

Locate the existing Reservation on your Booking screen. Tap on the Reservation and hold, drag the Reservation to its new location (using the calendar arrows where necessary)

Review the moved Reservation and Confirm

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