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Resources Overview

Resources are things like a room, a piece of equipment or an assistant. You can attach resources to services, for example a hot stone massage service may require the following resources - a room, a stone warmer and a set of hot stones. 

Resource Types are used when you have more than 1 of a Resource (e.g. more than 1 room). A Resource Type allows you to tag your Resources, so that you only need to attach a Resource Type to a Service, and the system will know to allocate any of the Resources tagged with this Resource Type. 

Resources are set up in the following way:

  1. Add your Services
  2. Add your Resource Types (if you have more than 1 of a Resource)
  3. Add your Resources (and tag them with a Resource Type if you have more than 1 of a Resource)
  4. Link your Resources / Resource Types to your Services

When using Resources, the process for creating a Reservation does not change at all

You can view/change the Resources allocated to a Reservation when you open the Reservation

Click here to view an example Resource setup