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How do I add or move a break from the Bookings Screen?

Break (or Task) is a period of time on the Roster which is blocked out in the Employee’s column, during which availability will not show for that Employee

A Break can be added during the Roster setup (How do I setup the Roster?) or it can be added directly on the Bookings page, which is a quicker way to add a once-off Break.

Add a New Break

To add a Break on the Bookings page, choose the New Reservation drop down arrow and click Break / Task

Complete the required fields:

Click Add

Deleting a Break

To delete a break click on it on the Bookings page and click Delete

Moving a Break

To move a Break you can either drag and drop the entire Break, reduce/extend it's duration or open it

1. To drag and drop a Break, click and hold, then drag the Break to the new desired time and drop it

2. To reduce or extend the Breaks duration, click and hold the bottom edge of a Break, then drag up or down

3. To open the Break click on it, you're then able to edit it

See all 3 Break moving methods in action:

When a Break is moved a Move Break /Task window shows. Check that the information is correct, edit if necessary, then click on Move to confirm the change