Services: How do I customise rebooking and review reminders for a Service?

This section explains how to edit the Service settings to:

  • Activate Rebooking Reminders (Next Reservation Reminders) for this Service - this is a reminder for your Customer after their appointment, reminding them to rebook
  • Customise Review Reminders for this Service - this is the reminder for your Customer after the appointment, asking them to leave a Review. These are activated via a global setting (How do I enable Reservation reminders?), but can be customised slightly for each Service, see below:

To enable Next Reservation Reminders, or Customise Rebooking Reminders for a Service, choose Manage > Services > List

Click the Edit icon against the Service name 

Click on the Reminders tab

Complete the required fields:



Next Reservation Reminder Enabled

Select this checkbox to enable rebooking reminders for this Service


Please note: If a future reservation is already booked for this Service, the rebooking reminder will not be sent

Next Reservation Reminder Days

Enter the amount of days after the Service that you wish the rebooking reminder to be sent

Review Reminder Mode

Review reminders must first be enabled on the Notifications > Reminders Page (see How do I enable Reservation reminders?)

Select from the following:

  • None – no review reminders are sent for this Service
  • Every Reservation – a review reminder is sent after every reservation for this Service
  • Once – a review reminder is sent only once for this Service i.e. it will not be sent for subsequent reservations for this Service

Click Save

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