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How do I export my Ovatu Data?

You can export your data from Ovatu via the Web app at any time

To export your Customer List:

Click Customers > List > Export as CSV

To export your Reservations:

Click Customers > ListExport Reservations as CSV

To export your Customer Notes:

Click Customers > ListExport Results (Notes)

To export Customer Birthdays:

Click Customers > Birthdays

Click the Export to CSV button for each calendar month:

To export your Employee details:

Click Manage > Employees > List > Export as CSV from the Take out...? box

To export your Services:

Click Manage > Services > List > Export as CSV from the Take out...? box

To export your Products:

Click Manage > Products > ListExport as CSV from the Take out...? box

To export your Sales:

Click Sales > Export Sales as CSV OR Export items as CSV for an itemised sales list

To export your Reports data (sales, payments, etc):

Click Reports and select the relevant report from the list

Click on the Export to CSV button to export the data as a CSV file

Click Print to print the report, or save it as a PDF 

To export a Customer file in JSON format:

Click Customers > List

Locate the relevant customer in your list and click on the customer name

Click Actions > Export Customer Data 

An exported file will be sent to the email address listed on the Account > Settings page in your Ovatu account

PLEASE NOTE: Customer profiles are exported in JSON format, a machine readable file that is the most efficient way of collating multiple different data formats into one transferable file

Transferring data in JSON format is industry standard and also complies with global privacy legislation, including GDPR

Click to review Ovatu's Privacy PolicySasS Agreement and our Data Processing Schedule

To export Customer Reviews:

Click Marketing > Customer Reviews 

Click the Export button

To export Customer's Forms 

Click Manage > Forms 

Click the Export icon to the right of the relevant form in your Forms List:

To export all Gift Cards

Log into your account in the web app and past this URL into the address bar -, then click on the Enter key. A list of all the gift cards in your account will be automatically downloaded onto your computer for you.

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