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How do I create a Reservation using Resources?

The process for creating a Reservation for a Service is exactly the same, whether that Service has an allocated Resource or not

For instructions on creating a Reservation, see: How do I create a new Reservation?

You do not need to make any extra changes to the Reservation, as the system will calculate and include all Resource allocations for you, however, if you wish, you can make changes using the below steps.

There are two ways to make changes to the Resources allocated to a Reservation:

  1. Automatic Option (recommended)
  2. Enter Manually Option (allows double booking)


When selecting the Service, the word Resources will appear underneath the Service

Click on Resources

You will be able to view that the Resources for this Service are currently set to 'As per service'

Click on the drop down menu to expand

Here you will be able to view all available Resources

If required, it is possible to change the Resource allocation here, by selecting a different Resource from the list

Please note: Any changes made here, will still generate conflict free time slots, and avoid double booking


When selecting a time slot for the Reservation, you may choose from the available, conflict free time slots OR you may choose to Enter Manually

If you choose Enter Manually here, you are able to force the system to book at specific time, allocating a specific Resource, for example if you need to double book for any reason

Be mindful when using this option as the system will allow double booking

Click Select


Here you can manually enter the Start Time, Employee and Resource

Clicking on the drop down menu will display a list of all Resources in the system

  • If you select First Available, the system will scan for availability and present you with a Resource which does not cause double booking
  • If you select a Resource, you will be able to force the system to use this Resource regardless of any double booking

If you select a Resource which causes a double booking, you will be able to use this Resource, however, the below warning will be displayed:

When your Reservation is complete, it will appear on your Bookings screen with one entry for the Employee and another entry for the Resource

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