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Online Booking

No matter what plan you choose, we know online booking is an absolute must for saving time, increasing revenue and giving your customers a next-level booking experience!

Customisable Mini-Site

Set up your own branded online booking website in minutes! Exclusive domain.

Revolutionary Booking Bot

The first booking bot on the market embedded directly into your website!

Online Payments

Secure bookings and minimise no-show with online payments, deposits and credit card capture!

Save Tons of Time

Say goodbye to endless back and forth phone calls with self-service online booking and re-scheduling!


SMS & Email Reminders

No-shows are the worst! They waste time, lose revenue, and are downright annoying. Yes the solution is ridiculously simple: a fully automated reminder system.

Reduce No-Shows

A simple reminder is all it takes to get your customer through your door.

Confirmations & Replies

Make it super easy for customers to confirm their appointment or ask a question!

Customisable Timing & Content

Do it your way. Choose your reminder content and timing. 💇😎🎉

Build Trust

An automated reminder creates a feeling of business professionalism and credibility.

Multi User - Multi Device

Portability is flexibility. Ovatu’s completely synchronised system means that you and your team can stay on top of your business from anywhere, anytime.

Web, iOS & Android Apps

Wherever you are, on whatever device. Get the information you need.

History Log

Everything that happens in your account is logged and tracked against the logged-in user.

Strong Security

Your data is safe and secure with us!

Employee Permissions

Control the information your employees can access, and easily monitor device activity.


Payment & Integrations

There’s so many ways that customers have to make payments. The easier it is for them to pay you, the more trust they will place in your business.

Full till cash drawer

Our iOS & Android apps are compatible and fully integrates with the mPOP till drawer.

Payment on the go

Ovatu integrates with iZettle, PayPal Here, SumUp and Square.

Complete Business Cycle

Collect and manage payments from online deposits to in-store purchases.

Not just cash

Allow your customers to pay by voucher, gift card, customer credit and more!

1 million+

monthly appointments

20 minutes

admin saved per appt

7 million people

worldwide book with Ovatu

Thousands of businesses are using Ovatu to Schedule Smarter.

We help businesses find new ways and opportunities to scale and grow their business. We’re pretty proud of just how much we’ve helped our customers.

Any Questions

There’s so many ways that customers have to make payments. The easier it is for them to pay you, the more trust they will place in your business.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for a free trial?

No. You do not need to enter any payment details get started with your free 30 day trial.

Will I need to enter into a long contract?

No. Ovatu subscriptions are month by month. You may cancel your subscription anytime, for any reason.

What kind of support will Ovatu provide?

The Ovatu Customer Success Team is available around the clock, in multiple time-zones, via email, livechat and phone, at zero cost.

Can I upload my data? How much does this cost?

Yes, we offer complimentary data upload to all new customers.

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