GDPR and your business?

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What is the GDPR?
Is Ovatu GDPR compliant?
Can Ovatu offer me advice on how to comply with the GDPR?
What features does Ovatu have to allow my business to comply with the GDPR?
How can my existing customers update their marketing preferences?
How can my existing customers update their personal details?
I’m sending myself a test Marketing Preferences link but it’s not working. What should I check?
I sent a mass SMS campaign with the Marketing Preferences URL but customers are unable to click the link. What should I check?
How do I find out who has/hasn’t accepted my consent checkboxes?
How can I filter my customers by those who have been inactive recently, so that I can delete them?
Can I enable the leave the Data Collection (Privacy) Consent and the Marketing Consent checkboxes, but leave the fields blank?
Can I ask existing customers to accept the Privacy consent?
What happens to customers who don’t update their marketing preferences? Will they be unsubscribed?
Does the MailChimp integration reflect my Ovatu unsubscribes?
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