Take the pain out of administration.

  • Add your services with different prices for each employee
  • Separate employee logins with granular permissions
  • Track all activity for each employee and device
  • Full real-time reporting system

The necessities

Setup your services with categories, colors and different prices for each employee.

Add photos for each product, service and employee.

Set colors for each service.

Empower your employees with confidence

Allow all of your employees to have access to the web app, iOS and Android apps so that they can see and modify their schedule wherever they are.

Set permissions on what they can can see (schedule, roster, reports, sales). Also allow them to see other employees schedules, sales, roster.

Disallow access to customer details if required and revoke access to all apps when they are no longer with you.

Real-time Reporting

Get full visibility with real-time reporting showing a full break-down of all services, categories, products, employees, discounts and payment types over any applicable period.

You'll always know exactly where you stand and tax-time is a breeze.

See, at a glance, the amount of outstanding gift card or loyalty point balance that you currently hold.

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