Your data, wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Native apps for iOS and Android, 100% phone and tablet optimized
  • Responsive web app, usable from any browser on a Mac/PC or any phone/tablet
  • Employees all receive their own login credentials with granular permission setting and full access revocation
  • Push notifications keep everyone in the know

Native apps run as you expect

Using native apps as opposed to web apps for mobile devices delivers the kind of experience you expect from your device. The apps are purpose build for each platform and use all of the familiar controls to select dates and other input types.

They are also FAST! Change tabs, view different dates all with ease and without any un-necessary load times...

All updates are delivered straight through the app stores so you're always up to date.

iOS app, fully offline!

Our iOS app retains a full copy of your data on your device which means it's blazing fast and if your internet or power ever drops out, you have a copy of your entire database in your hand. You can even continue making appointments which will be sent to our servers whenever you come bank online!

Updates forever

Ovatu is always being updated with new features and taking advantage of the latest features offered in iOS and Android.

Download them now...

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