Treat all of your customers like regulars.

  • Maintain a full booking and sales history
  • Add custom fields to store data relevant to your business
  • See a log of all SMS and emails sent
  • Save time and increase loyalty by easily rebooking previous appointments

Quick refresher

See at a glance how many appointments and revenue the customer brings in. Browse notes so that you can offer personalized service. View previous services to easily re-book or up-sell based on previous activity.

Make your customers feel special

With next appointment reminders to let them know when they should come back in and birthday messages to wish them well on their special day (perhaps even with a gift card or offer).

Store what you need

There's no way that we could possibly know the data that you need to store about your customers. So we have custom fields which you can add to your customers and store whatever data you could possibly need (you can even track the history of values over time).

Next up:

Point of Sale

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