Versatile customer consultation forms!

  • Create unlimited forms with multiple data types (text, yes/no, multiple choice, date)
  • Request customers fill in form via email
  • Prefill with previous form details
  • Receive notifications for completed forms
  • Require forms for online booking registration

Complete the loop...

Our form system is a very tight loop. You can define your form types, then request that a customer fills in a form via email. The customer is linked to your mini-site, where they fill in the form and you are notified as soon as it is completed.

You can request an update to an existing form (via email) or request a new form be filled out (optionally pre-filled with the last form for reference).

Forms can always be viewed and updated from our web, Android and iOS apps.

Versatile form types

Define your forms using text, number, date, yes/no and multiple choice types.

Add as many form types as you'd like, perhaps indemnity wavers for yoga/pilates classes or consultation forms for medical practices.

Request forms via email

Need your customer to fill out a form after an appointment? Just send a form request via email. Include instructions for filling out the form to be included in the email.

You'll be able to see existing requests which have not yet been completed and be notified when the completed form comes in.

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