Point of every sale.

  • Full point of sale system for appointments and retail products
  • Email customers their receipts including online payment options
  • Add extra charges and discounts
  • Add and calculate all relevant taxes
  • Gift cards, passes/packages, customer credit, customer loyalty
  • Full hardware support and in-app card processing

No compromises

Ovatu includes a full Point of Sale system, allowing you to invoice your customers after their service. You can add products used or sold during the visit, add auxiliary charges and provide discounts.

All taxes are calculated for you. Multiple taxes can be turned on and off on a service / product level to make compliance simple.

Get paid

With the ability to accept credit card in-app using our processing partners, you are run a full point-of-sale system without ever leaving the Ovatu app and everything being recorded in your database.

You can even accept credit card straight from your phone when on the road.

Real-time Reporting

Get full visibility with real-time reporting showing a full break-down of all services, categories, products, employees, discounts and payment types over any applicable period.

You'll always know exactly where you stand and tax-time is a breeze.

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