Enjoy hassle-free scheduling, wherever you are!

  • Single or group bookings / classes
  • Multiple services in one booking
  • Default roster with labels, breaks
  • Recurring appointments
  • Re-booking

All kinds of bookings

From single-service bookings, to group bookings, to classes to multi-service bookings all with different employees. Our scheduling and booking engine has you covered for anything that takes up time in your employees' day...

Up-selling your clients? No problem, just add any additional services onto the booking when you check the customer out.

Everyone on the same page

Every time a booking is made or changed, either via your minisite or any of our apps, our systems fire off updates to all of your devices to make sure that everyone is on the same page at all times.

They'll even send a polite notification if you'd like...

Make it your own...

You can set appointment notes, service colors as well as custom status types, all of which will be shown on the appointment in the calendar.

You'll also see at a glance the price, whether the appointment is recurring, has been re-booked, was booked online, has been confirmed or requires your confirmation (for online bookings).


For studios running yoga, dance, pilates style classes, we have an option to easily create a weekly recurring timetable. Easily cancel or change the employee of a booking for a one-off class or all classes going forward.

Our Front Desk mode allows you to easily check-in customers (including selling passes or single sessions) as your customers arrive.

How many employees can I schedule?

You can schedule as many employees as you need. We have a range of Plans to suit any business size. Our calendar shows all of your employees in easy to read columns and our booking engine can find exactly which employees are available for the service(s) that you're booking in.

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