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A little extra buffer to help your appointment scheduling

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by Ben Friday, 12 Jun 2020

A little extra buffer to help your appointment scheduling

A little extra time added to either the end or before an appointment can be super helpful when clean up, prep, travel time or small tasks need to be done. That's why, due to popular demand...we've released buffer times for appointments!

What is it?

Buffer Time allows you to add 'padding' time to your appointments, for events such as travel or cleaning.

They will be automatically set into the appointment once you've set it up.

What types of buffer times can you set?

The beauty of this feature is that you can set up multiple different buffer time arrangements. From Pre-Service (time needed before an appointment) to Post-Service (time needed after an appointment). And the feature will even work across multi-service appointments!

This allows you to tailor the buffer to exactly what works for your scheduling setup!

How do you set it up?

It's suuuuper simple. We've set up a complete guide for you HERE.