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Customer Time Mode

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by Ben Monday, 19 Mar 2018

App(s) Updated:

Web App

What does it do:

The Customer Time Mode field is in the Service tab when you edit a Service. This field allows you to select which times (Duration, Processing & Finishing) are displayed to the Customer online.


What you need to know:

  • Hidden times are not included in the Service information in the mini site, so clients aren’t misled by incorrect service times showing online.
  • Hidden times are still booked as part of the Service and still show on the bookings page.
  • Hidden times aren’t available to be booked online


Why is this good:

This has been a very popular feature request and provides additional flexibility for those customers who need to prepare rooms/resources, clean up after a treatment, get from one mobile booking to the next etc.

What does it look like:

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