by Ula Hole Thursday, September 6, 2018

App(s) Updated:

Web App, iOS (Version 5.4.3) & Android

What does it do:

You can now drag and drop employee breaks around the Bookings page! 

What you need to know:

Just click (or tap on iOS or Android) and hold, then drag the break to a new spot. Click/tap Move  when the pop-up appears.

Breaks also can be opened or deleted now just by clicking on them.

The Web App also allows you to change the duration of a break by clicking and dragging the start or finish (on iOS & Android, this is done by tapping on the break and changing the duration time in the pop-up window)

Why is this good:

It's easier & faster! No need to open the roster to modify them anymore!

Find out more:

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