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Limit your services by days!

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by Ben Friday, 21 Dec 2018

Another super popular feature request, just in time for Christmas!!! 🎁

App(s) Updated:

Web App (but availability reflected across all platforms)

What does it do:

It is now possible to limit the days of the week on which a specific service, with a specific employee is offered. For example Massages with Heidi are only available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What you need to know:

This function can be accessed from two areas (both achieving the same outcome):

  1. When editing an employee - Click Manage > Employees > List, then Edit, and then the Services tab. Click Limit Days against a specific service, and select which days of the week that employee is available to perform that service
  2. When editing a service - Click Manage > Services > List, then Edit, and then the Employees tab. Click Limit Days against the specific employee, and select on which day of the week that service is available with that employee

Why is this good:

It's now super simple and neat to restrict services to specific days! No more mucking around with assigning resources to achieve this 😉 

What does it look like:

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