Feature updates:

Vouchers - Multi Service Mode

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by Sue Friday, 18 May 2018

App(s) Updated:

Web app, Mini-Site & iOS app

What does it do:

Vouchers now have an option called 'Multiple service mode'. This allows you to specify, on a per-voucher basis, how vouchers are handled for multi-service booking

What you need to know:

Options are set when creating or editing Vouchers and include that the voucher should be applied to;

  • All valid services (default)
  • A single service (first, lowest value, highest value)

Why is this good:

This upgrade to our popular Vouchers function provides you with greater control over how your Vouchers are able to be used. Greater control gives you more options with your offers. You can use these settings to create Vouchers with offers such as 'buy two or more services and get 20% off the most expensive service'

What does it look like:

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