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What's the big deal about Health Checks? 😆

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by Ula Saturday, 18 Aug 2018

Your Ovatu iOS App (iPad & iPhone) relies heavily on syncing the data from your device to the server (the place where all your Ovatu data is stored, which is what makes the same data appear on all your devices and apps).

A Health Check, is an automated scan of whether or not the data on your device and the data on the server are perfectly matched.

This is why it's very important, that when you see this message, you click Yes

If it's not convenient to perform a Health Check when the prompt appears, you can always perform one manually from the Manage tab, by scrolling down to Health Check on the left hand side.

If your Health Check comes back all green, that's excellent! If there are some errors, no worries, these are usually something very small, but it's important to get in touch with us at hello@ovatu.com so we can take a little squiz and ensure your account is running smoothly.

Contacting us sooner rather than later stops small issues potentially becoming big problems 😉