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You’ve been waiting patiently…Your new Mini-Site is here!

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by Ula Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020

You’ve been waiting patiently…Your new Mini-Site is here!

We’ve found a smarter, quicker and more intelligent way for your customers to book with your business. And it’s now live on your account!  

What is it?  

We’ve completely rebuilt your mini-site to be a more user friendly, slicker design and packed it with loads of new features to make it even easier for your customers to book with you.  

What are the new features?  

  • Mini-site upgrade: We’ve completely redesigned the Mini-Sites so that customers can more quickly, smoothly and easily make bookings with your business.  Your new Mini-Site can be completely customised to your brand and colours and will make your online booking more appealing to customers.
  • Your very own book.app domain: Simply insert your Business name in and get a personalised book.app domain that makes it sooo much easier for your clients to find you.
  • A Booking Bot that works for you: What if we told you that you could have your own little Booking Bot on your website turning visitors into customers? Well…you can right now! We’ve released an icon that sits on your website and makes it easy for customers to make an appointment, no matter which page they’re on.

What will your new domain be?

Want to know how to set it all up and get it looking amazing? You can do it HERE.