What is Ovatu You?

Ovatu You is a booking app which lets you quickly and easily book at all of your favourite businesses using Ovatu. All from an app on your phone!

  • Easily check availability with your favourite businesses and book instantly.
  • Snap up last minute appointments in seconds.
  • View all of your past and future appointments at a glance, confirm attending, cancel or leave a review.
  • Receive appointment reminders and offers.
  • Full two-way messaging so that you can interact and converse with your clients.

Where can I get Ovatu You?

Ovatu You is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Want to see more?

Your favourite businesses

Quickly access your favourite businesses to book instantly, modify bookings, leave reviews, see offers, and more!

Mission Control

Easy access to contact details, instant booking, last minute appointments as well as being able to see reviews and your details.


Quickly see all the wonderful things that others are saying!

Instant booking

Select which services you need and quickly see availability for the next week, with additional appointments showing up as you scroll.

Last Minute availability

See all last minute availability for the next 7 days, we find where we can fit you in and show what services can be squeezed in.


Quickly review your booking and lock it in.

Two-way messaging

Have a back and forth with your customer, all of which is recorded for easy recall. Include details of reservations which are accessible from a single tap.

Past and Upcoming appointments

See all of your past and upcoming appointments, all sorted by year and month.

Complete control

Cancel appointments, leave reviews or even add the appointment to your Apple Wallet app.