Beauty salons need beautiful software

Automate the entire booking process and get customers to your door.


Features that will automate your business and give you more time, more revenue and more flexibility.


Online Booking & Deposits

We know online booking is an absolute must for salons in saving time, increasing revenue and giving your customers a next-level booking experience!

A Mini-Site with your brand

Your very own online booking site to show off your unique brand and style, with your very own domain!

Your own salon booking bot!

Bring your salon into the future with your own little booking bot working hard to get you appointments.

Get customers to your door

Salons HATE no-shows. Collect secure bookings and minimise no-shows with online payments, deposits and credit card capture!

Save Tons of Time

No more phone-calls at the end of a hard day…you can take bookings while you're on the beach, in the bath or enjoying a cuppa!


SMS & Email Reminders

We feel your pain. Every salon cringes at the thought of a no-show. Ovatu has made it more simple and automated than ever to get customers straight to your salon door.

Bye bye no-shows!

Automate your SMS and email reminders & nurture your customers straight to your salon door.

Confirmations & Replies

Make is super easy for customers to confirm their appointment or ask a question!

Say it your way

We know your salon has your own way of speaking to customers. Customise what gets sent and when. 💇😎🎉

Brand credibility

It’s not just about getting customers to your salon, SMS & email reminders show your customers you mean business!


A point of sale with a point of difference

Your customers and suppliers are seeking greater flexibility when it comes to point of sale. Ovatu offers a fully integrated transactions processing system that will suit any salon type.

Simple Payment Integrations

Easily process card transactions with seamless integrations for Square, iZettle, Sum Up and PayPal

mPOP tills that 'POP'

Turn your from desk into a work of art, with Ovatu's mPOP till drawer integration for iOS and Android

More than just a sale

Create invoices for treatments and products in a few simple clicks

Got products?

Never lose track of stock levels with Ovatu's purchase order, stocktake and inventory tools.


A strategic way to keep customers coming back

Ovatu provides all the tools you need to not only attract new customers to your door, but keep your loyal ones coming back...again and again.

Customised gift cards

Beautiful, customisable gift cards for your customer to gift to their friends.

Loyalty Program

Your most awesome customers can build sky-high loyalty points every time they visit. Oh, and it's automated!

The power of reviews

A hands-off system to collect glowing customer reviews and display them for the world to see!

Discount vouchers

Sometimes a little sneaky promo is all it takes to fill some empty time


Management Tools

You're the boss! Stay in control of your entire business with clever oversight tools.

Permissions and security

Let your employees only see and access the information you want them to see. Manage their passwords and login sessions.

Comprehensive Reporting

All the information you need, in easy to follow pie charts and graphs.

What’s your device?

We love all devices! Your Ovatu account is available on iOS, Android or Web! All synchronised.

Intelligent rostering

Manage your staff availability to suit all the moving parts of your business. We even have a fortnightly option!

Achieving more,
by doing less

See how Holly has automated the simple tasks in her business to exceed her targets.

Customer reviews

We're proud of our 5 Star Product Rating on Capterra. Here's a few...

Ovatu is the reason my company functions so easily in a paperless system! I absolutely love Ovatu!

Ovatu literally allows me to run my company. It is an affordable price for a small business like my own and I cannot recommend it highly enough

— Serina V.

Best business decision I"ve ever made!

Fully customizable, easy to add services, tons of automated marketing, and the ability to send SMS messages. My guests rave about the ease of use of the online booking integration.

— Rachel P.

Streamlined my business! Been a loyal user for 4 year now and could never go back!

Very user friendly, I picked it up right away, no tricky learning curve. Super easy to customise by adding your services and prices. Excellent reminder system, sends out reminder email 48hrs before to minimise no shows.

— Cat E.

Great software for my busy salon, easy to use & EXCELLENT customer service!!

My staff can also use the software with ease and my customers regularly tell me what a great addition online booking is. Life can be hectic but thanks to Ovatu you can book with ease 24/7.

— Claire R.

My business is more successful Due to My personalised booking system, Ovatu

Clients all receive automatic appointment booking confirmations, reminders and any changes made to date or time, via email and/or text which saves a lot of manual time. Has made my "no" shows" a thing of the past!

— Lisa M.

Brilliant customer service, almost 24/7 care. AND the system works perfectly for me.

I really like how attentive the support team are. The system works really well, simple to use and navigate but when you dig deeper, there are so many more uses for the system, like reporting, tracking sale etc.

— Kim C.

Excellent, reliable faultless easy to use system

It has saved our company many hours and cut down our missed appointments by around 90%. Again saving on costs. It has also made us look much more professional and slick.

— Lee H.

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